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Exploring creativity & self-expression

  At Art Explorers we believe art as a form of self-expression is critical in all societies and that teaching kids to express themselves through art leads to adults who are better prepared to connect to their emotions and express themselves in constructive ways. We use a combination of mixed media, nature, mindfulness and art history to help kids get in touch with their inner creativity, try new things, and express themselves in a fun and challenging environment. We know a lot of adults don’t think of themselves as “artists,” or that many of us are too busy to find the time to be creative. But the truth is, most of us simply lost touch with our inner artists somewhere along the way, believing that we had to be fine artists to be creative. Not so! One of the first things we teach kids is that everyone can be an artist and that art isn’t restricted to perfect drawings or paintings. At Art Explorers, we provide a designated time & space for your child to connect to their creativity each week and to develop tools for artistic self-expression and appreciation. Danielle Walsmith is excited to be exploring creativity and self-expression with Conejo kids! Danielle has taught art classes to kids and adults on & off since she was a teenager; she majored in art history; interned at an LA museum; worked for a variety of nonprofit organizations serving those in need; has volunteered extensively throughout our community; and is the mom of two creative & artistic boys - a 12th grader & a 5th grader. She loves spending time with her family & friends, cooking, hiking, traveling, taking photos & exploring new places.

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